International Day of Education

In Afghanistan today, the Taliban have banned all women and girls from attending secondary school and higher education. Additionally, new reporting shows that 80% of all school-aged Afghan girls are not attending school. As a result, “the country risks a lost generation as educated women are essential for its development; UNESCO. This ban brings new urgency to online education. The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is the only option for many young Afghan women and girls to pursue a world-class higher education.


Without access to high-quality education, Afghanistan faces a retrenched and Impoverished future. AUAF continues to adapt to the country’s increasing education restrictions by expanding its online learning capabilities and secondary education offerings. AUAF is rebuilding the pathway from secondary to higher education for young Afghan women through reimagined online pre-university programs like the preparatory Academy and high-school STM boot camps.


Education Will Prevail for a new generation of young Afghans who wrestle with a new set of political and social realities yet remain ambitious and fervent to lead change in their own country and society. As university doors close around the country, a donation to Friends of AUAF ensures the desire for education does not go unmet.