Sana Ahmadi

Class of 2018

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Name:  Sana Ahmadi

Were you a scholarship recipient? If so, which one? Yes, I received the U.S. Embassy Scholarship.

Age: 22

Major: Law

Graduation Date: May 2018

Reason for studying at AUAF:  I chose AUAF because it is the only institution that provides a US-style education in Afghanistan, and it has been very successful in training leaders that significantly contribute to the community economically, politically and socially.

“I was most surprised by the access to life-changing opportunities at AUAF.”

Favorite Course: International Business Transactions

Most Inspiring Faculty Member: Mehdi Hakimi and Ghezal Hares

Where are you currently: Pursuing my master’s in Public Policy at the University of Missouri on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Career Aspirations: Upon finishing my master’s, I plan to serve in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and work for women’s empowerment.

One piece of advice for incoming students:

AUAF is the most diverse environment in Afghanistan; learn to appreciate and accept the differences and promote ethnic harmony. Studying in a prestigious university gives you the responsibility to be a voice for yourself and the entire Nation. Be the leaders needed to define a new reality for Afghanistan—one without any war, gender inequality and extremism. You own the future.