AUAF STM Bootcamp- Summary of Success

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From July 24th-August 4th, AUAF offered a Girls Can Code online Bootcamp to almost 70 high school-aged girls living in Afghanistan. Given the current political climate in Afghanistan and the banning of female participation in advanced education, the students were overwhelmed with excitement to learn (scroll down to read some of their feedback at the conclusion of the Bootcamp).

These two weeks were an opportunity for them to gain hands-on, practical experience in Java programming and Mobile Application Development.  AUAF curriculum specialists determined the curriculum for the STM Bootcamp program.

The students also had time to practice and improve their programming and coding skills. The Java Programming and Mobile Application Development concentrations are designed to give students a stronger base of knowledge as they prepare for university or the workplace. However, in addition to the great learning that occurred, the Bootcamp was also a time for these girls to make new friends and have fun during a tremendously challenging time within the country.

Following the conclusion of the Bootcamp, a survey was sent out to gather feedback from the students. The survey included a write-in section for them to share their thoughts. Below are just some of the inspiring comments the girls shared: 

  • I would love to thank the AUAF administration for providing us such programs in current situation of our country. I am looking forward to learning more from AUAF professional professors.

  • I am so happy that I was in this program. Thank you for the opportunity. I like to be in other courses too from AUAF in the future. I just wanna ask you to continue your helps to us thank you.

  • Thanks for hardworking and sharing your education for all girls and you helps us to learn something new. You do it very well . Learning computer is a little hard and you make it possible very well.  I wish such kind of program organize in the future. Thanks.

  • I kindly and politely request you to provide more of these types of opportunities for Afghan girls.

  • It was an awesome journey. I enjoyed using both programs. It will be amazing to announce more mobile and computer programs in next bootcamps, so we can learn more and more.

  • Thanks for providing such helpful and excellent programs for girls in Afghanistan as girls can’t go to School or work, it is really encouraging program. Thank you
  • This summer bootcamp programs should be for longer time like for months not just two week

  • Thanks a lot from AUAF that support us and we learned so much good.

  • Thanks for being there for all the girls

  • Thank you so much (our teachers and the whole team)!!!! It was awesome and now I have the roadmap for being an android developer and continue my self-study in this field! I will like to have more bootcamps like this!!!

  • I’d like to express my appreciation for your efforts and hard work. Thank you very much.

  • It was perfect we loved it

  • Lots of thanks from AUAF that gave us this opportunity.

  • Thank you for your making this opportunity it was very nice for us I can solve my huge problems now

  • It was really a great program and we learned a lot. We thank and appreciate this bootcamp

  • Bootcamp is the best camp that I could learn something from in this current situation if Afghanistan it’s a big achievement for me thank you so much I will be appreciated if you guys provide more courses for us.

  • It is the best way for learning

  • Thank you so much for this amazing programs. The hard work of our teachers and coordinators were amazing. We learned a lot. These two weeks were much useful as two months. Thank you so much again and again.

  • I am very grateful to you. Thanks a million from you that you give us this best opportunity.

  • Thank you for this opportunity, it was very useful and interesting. I hope we have such more opportunities from you to learn new and more things.

  • Thanks from all of your efforts. It was my pleasure that could joined the camp. This program helped me to become more eligible on my favorite field which is BCS. I wish to join other opportunies which will organize by AUAf and AUAF university. Everything had best quality. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for everything, it was really interesting. It’d be even better if it was longer than two weeks so that we’d be able to understand the lessons with details.

  • I want to say thank you for AUAF Bootcamp. It was a useful program for us I learned many things from it. thank you so much AUAF Bootcamp!