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AUAF Provides World-class I.T. Training to Afghan Girls In-Country


In a time when many Afghan girls face dangers in pursuing education, the AUAF STM Bootcamp provides a safe opportunity for female high school students to gain hands-on, practical experience in computer programming. The AUAF STM Bootcamp seeks to scale an established framework of best practices in STM teaching and technology upskilling in the developing world. Solving development challenges by embracing state-of-the-art technology is critical to the future workforce in Afghanistan and is vital to addressing unemployment. The AUAF STM Bootcamp is the first step to acquiring the talent that AUAF requires to educate the next generation of Afghanistan’s technical workforce.

In January 2022, AUAF held a pilot Bootcamp for 50 girls to assess the program’s feasibility. The program was a huge success. In fact, after the pilot program, 97% of the girls said they want to pursue an I.T. degree at AUAF. 

Given the success of and enthusiasm for the program, FAUAF worked with AUAF’s I.T. team to hold a Summer STM Bootcamp for 100 female high school students.